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Submitting a Nil CRS Filing

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Applies to: AEOI


Warning: Please be aware that there might be small differences between your project implementation and the screenshots and information in this article, however, the overall functionality remains the same.



This article describes how to submit a NIL CRS Filing


If your jurisdiction allows domestic reporting please complete a NIL CRS Filing as outlined below. If it does not allow domestic reporting please click here to see how the use the Filing Summary option.

Nil filings are not mandatory in the CRS Standard, but a Reporting Entity may wish to submit a Nil filing for completeness if they have no reportable accounts for the reporting period.

If a Reporting Entity chooses to submit a Nil filing, only a single domestic Nil filing needs to be submitted.

The Receiving Country must be set to the domestic country as Nil CRS filing are only submitted domestically. 

Financial Institution Country Address should be the same as Receiving Country


Last review date: 28th February 2023

Author: Alan Joyce


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