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Exploring the Documents Library

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Applies to: AEOI


Warning: Please be aware that there might be small differences between your project implementation and the screenshots and information in this article, however, the overall functionality remains the same.



FI Users may access documents by accessing the document repository functionality by navigating to “Documents”. From here a FI user may access the parent folder “Portal Documents” and all sub folders it contains.


These folders contain any files uploaded by Tax Authority users that are available for download by FI users.  

To quickly find files a FI user may filter files by using the Filter by functionality to return files names matching the entered text.

To view any of the files click on the folder down the left hand side and you will be able to access any of the files within that folder.


Downloading a File within Documents

Select the file you wish to download and then click on the green arrow to the right of the Path. 


You will now be given the option to either Open or Save (this is depended on the browser you are using)


Last review date: 28th February 2023

Author: Alan Joyce


Warning: When working with Vizor Builder or any aspect of Vizor Software configuration including individual configuration files, please note that significant problems can occur when performing modifications or additions to existing configuration incorrectly. it is highly recommended that a backup of any project or related file is readily available when making any configuration adjustments. In addition, any modifications made to configuration or project files should be carefully tested before being deployed to any live environment. In addition, changes to projects or configuration files should be made by trained and certified personnel in the use of Vizor Software. If further advice is needed on making any configuration changes involving Vizor Software, a customer support representative should be consulted.

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