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Validation Error - Incorrect Due Date on XML Upload

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Applies to: AEOI


Warning: Please be aware that there might be small differences between your project implementation and the screenshots and information in this article, however, the overall functionality remains the same.



This scenario concentrates on a full walkthrough to illustrate reproducing and solving an error associated with an incorrect due date on filing submission.

Let’s reproduce this error when submitting a filing using an uploaded XML file.

Create a XML return as stated in Module on XML Returns.

Upload the XML file. 

An email will always be sent when the xml file has been processed.

In this scenario, a statement saying the filing has failed submission validation should be received.

The structure (metadata) associated with the XML file is ok but data validation has failed.

Access the draft filing as usual and click the error icon associated with the filing.

The error message should be displayed allowing with guidance illustrating what should be done to correct the error.



To correct the issue, one approach is to edit the xml file and change the period end date within the <crs:ReportingPeriod> tags so it matches with the period end date specified when the filing was created.

Alternatively, the draft filing could be deleted and a new CRS XML upload filing could be created whose period end date matches the one specified within the XML file.


The ReportingPeriod node in the XML file should match the specified period end date for the filing.



Once the date has been changed, click the name of the filing to access it.



Click Upload Data which should result in a dialog box appearing asking the user if data should be deleted before uploading a new file.

Selecting Yes will allow the existing data to be deleted from the filing.

Choosing the corrected XML file should now allow the filing to be successfully submitted.


Last review date: 28th February 2023

Author: Alan Joyce


Warning: When working with Vizor Builder or any aspect of Vizor Software configuration including individual configuration files, please note that significant problems can occur when performing modifications or additions to existing configuration incorrectly. it is highly recommended that a backup of any project or related file is readily available when making any configuration adjustments. In addition, any modifications made to configuration or project files should be carefully tested before being deployed to any live environment. In addition, changes to projects or configuration files should be made by trained and certified personnel in the use of Vizor Software. If further advice is needed on making any configuration changes involving Vizor Software, a customer support representative should be consulted.

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