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Submission of Manual Filings

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Applies to: AEOI


Warning: Please be aware that there might be small differences between your project implementation and the screenshots and information in this article, however, the overall functionality remains the same.




Submit a Manual Filing

Once the FI user has successfully validated and saved each of the forms within the “Manual Entry” filing, the filing enters a “Ready to Submit” state. At this point, the FI user can attempt to submit the filing.

Ensure the green checkmark icon is visible for all forms you are submitting. 


To Submit your Filing:

Click on the Menu Button

Click on Submission

Click on Submit Filing


Verify Details and click Submit on the right hand side.


  • The filing name: given to the filing by the FI user on the “Create Filing” screen.
  • The filing reference: an auto-generated unique reference for the filing.
  • Revision: has a value of 0.1 until the filing is submitted, 1.0 thereafter.
  • Category: this will show waiting as it has not yet been sent to the Partner Jurisdiction.
  • Receiving Country: this allows the user to see which country their filing is destined for.
  • Period end date: the last day of the period to which the filing relates
  • Due date: the deadline for submission of the filing.
  • Action: allows the FI user to click on “Validate”

Any validation problems arising are reported to the FI user on-screen. The FI user can then correct the data by navigating to “Draft Filings” and editing the data within the forms. Once corrected, the FI user can attempt submission again and the process continues.


When the filing has passed all validation, the FI user is informed that the filing is entirely valid, and is asked to confirm the submission. The FI user then clicks the confirmation button, and the filing is submitted.


At this point, the filing is no longer editable by the FI in the Vizor FATCA & AEOI Portal application

Who can use this functionality?

The functionalities detailed in this section can be used by FI users that have either the “Primary User” role or the “Secondary User” role.

Delete Filings

The only reason for a filing to be deleted is if it is created in error.

Submitted filings can never be deleted. The Deletion action is available via the Manage Filings tab.


Last review date: 28th February 2023

Author: Alan Joyce


Warning: When working with Vizor Builder or any aspect of Vizor Software configuration including individual configuration files, please note that significant problems can occur when performing modifications or additions to existing configuration incorrectly. it is highly recommended that a backup of any project or related file is readily available when making any configuration adjustments. In addition, any modifications made to configuration or project files should be carefully tested before being deployed to any live environment. In addition, changes to projects or configuration files should be made by trained and certified personnel in the use of Vizor Software. If further advice is needed on making any configuration changes involving Vizor Software, a customer support representative should be consulted.


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